VAS vehicle inspection reports can be designed to match your existing layouts with the addition of the special logic that will ensure your reports only show what's relevant and retaining a professional look for your business.

Can I produce different reports for the same job?

Yes. After you have submitted your job to the system, generating a report is as easy as picking from a drop down menu.

All fields are automatically populated with the job data.

If your report needs to hide a section depending on what data is populated, for example Third Party details, then this can be programmed into your report.

Is there a limit on how many times I can create a report?

No. You can generate a report as many times as you need

Can I email my reports to a contact within the system?

Yes. You can attach as many reports to a single email as you need. This email component is aware of all of your contacts.

In fact, when configured correctly reports can automatically pick the recipient email address from the job data.

Can I email my report to any email address?

Yes. There are no limitations to which email addresses you can send to