VAS offers integration with other systems offering benefits in one simple solution.

Features such as vehicle lookups or importing from GlassMatix or Audatex.

One of the main goals for the Vehicle Assessor System is to help auto assessors and vehicle inspectors throughout their business workflow by automating and supporting business processes to gain great benefits.

One way that VAS achieves this is by integrating with other systems.

Glassmatix and Audatex

We know that many auto assessors and vehicle inspectors will already be using GlassMatix or Audatex for calculating vehicle valuations and repair costs, or indeed using other features from the suite of products and services offered by these companies. VAS can help you by allowing you to import data from other products so that all of your reporting can be handled in solution.

This ability has benefited many engineers already because they are able to handle the technical details of creating valuation and repair cost estimates while allowing their admin staff to handle the reporting side. Splitting responsibilities in this way can greatly improve the overall productivity of the business allowing you to handle more cases.

Vehicle Lookups

There are many on-line solutions for providing vehicle lookups, offering all different types of additional information along side the essential vehicle data. VAS integrates this function directly into the system, removing any need to copy/paste any data which decreases risk of error and at the same time increases productivity.