VAS is not only flexible and intuitive. It keeps your data secure, and provides a dedicated support. It wouldn’t be possible without our skilled professionals.


Any threat is a no-no. Our up-to-date security practices prevent unauthorised access to your data so that it’s safe in our systems.
Easily said – but why?

VAT is hosted on secure servers monitored 24/7 by highly skilled and experienced team. These savvy professionals continuously check the system for bugs that could lead to potential security problems. The bugs are simply out of question.
The connections between your computer or mobile device are encrypted with high grade SSL (Transport Layer Security) – cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. They’re a proof of authentication, privacy, and data integrity.  


Sign up, and you’ll have a direct line to a dedicated support representative – your first point of contact, familiarized with you business and system configuration. Dedicated VAS developers know a lot about the vehicle assessment. Therefore, they’ll be able to immediately understand and respond to your needs and problems.
As a standard, we offer rapid response support during business hours. If you need something more, we have the options for increased support out-of-hours. No worries, you’ll never be alone.