Get to know what VAS – the solution for vehicle assessors – and its special features can do with your precious time.

Personalised inspection reports of the highest quality and fast data capture are only some of the features VAS offers, giving an approving nod to the idea of your productivity. How does it work?

No manual work, less training

VAS won’t let you waste any more hours editing documents by hand while you could be inspecting the very next vehicle. The solution reduces not only the manual effort but also minimises the training time – everything due to its intuitive design. What’s more, you can fill out the report, and simply download it at the time you are inspecting the vehicle. This means huge time savings on a daily basis.

It’s a team effort

Imagine the scenario of two people collaboration. A vehicle assessor finishes inspection, and saves the job. It’s immediately available for other team members. They can open it and continue his work, e.g. add some more information, generate and send the document. The possibility of data sharing allows for a quality control. Passing on the report to other team members, you can ensure it will be verified. No delays are expected.

Download VAS and make your life so much easier. Any questions? We’d love to help – contact us.