Technology might provide a solution for workflow process automation, and thus eliminate most of the required human intervention. Let’s check its unquestionable benefits.

1. Saves time

First of all, automated workflow is a way of saving time to complete a job – with accuracy and improved speed. Vehicle assessor can get involved in other worthwhile tasks, consequently increasing production. There’s no need for a mechanical repetition of steps.

2. Saves costs

The team gets involved in more tasks. More productivity means more revenue for the business.

3. Less administrative errors

To err is human… But automated applications do not err. The manual process of inputting data is eliminated. In an automated workflow system, there’s no possibility of missing on any of the steps during the process. The next task is automatically triggered, and the person in charge of it is notified about the desired action on their part.

4. Improved task management

Gained efficiency in task management results also in better communication. It’s all about the departments able to stay in touch more easily. Automated workflow comes with reminders, updates, notifications as well as statuses, rules and timeouts. Such a visibility is an ace up your team’s sleeve.

VAS workflow control: for the best practice

VAS goes with a customizable system controlling the workflow. By defining statuses, rules, timeouts and notifications you can be assured that all the jobs you handle will be processed in the most proficient way possible. Your team and customers can be automatically updated with emails or SMS. Just effortlessly ensure everybody is following the best practice – allying with the business efficiency.

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