VAS can help businesses with multiple vehicle inspectors and engineers who may also be supported by admin staff. How does it work?

Different usernames and passwords

Everybody can obtain a different username and passwords to access the system. While signing up, you’ll be asked by your representative about the number of user accounts you need. You are free to change your mind later. So if it turns out you need more user accounts, just get in touch with us, and they’ll be added!

Limited access

Different users can have different scope of access to the system. Works for you? We will configure the system to limit access to certain areas. If you wish, it might be even particular types of information like costs and prices.

Join the businesses successfully managing the workload of many vehicle inspectors and engineers across the country. With VAS, you’ll be able to go to the limit.

Download VAS and make your life so much easier. Any questions? We’d love to help – contact us.