Get to know the types of fields which will take your work to the next level.

VAS job form is designed specifically for vehicle inspection industry. Therefore, it includes many field types. We tailored them to the type of data in vehicle inspection reports. Thankfully, your data entry process can be quick and painless.

Splat field

A car, truck, motorbike, etc. – we can add an image of any vehicle type you need. Splat fields allow for placement, moving, removal or rotation of different symbols. Crosses, circles and arrows help indicate the direction and type of damage. The image is embedded in a report. Therefore, your document obtains a professional look, and the reader is given a clear understanding of the vehicle condition.

Dynamic field

The dynamic field has a purpose to render lists such as tables. It intelligently adjusts the number of columns, and the space in the report can be used efficiently. A list (e.g. a component/action list) may vary in size, sometimes greatly. Unoccupied space can be left in the report, and extra pages are needed because the list gets longer and longer. It’s a common problem when creating reports. Fortunately, this field handles the table sizing automatically. If your list grows large, the table will automatically resize and flow to accomodate the data. White space and unnecessary page breaks will be minimized.

Lookup field

VAS makes use of a cutting-edge browser technology to make your text lookup lightning fast. No need to wait for spinners or lists to load. Just start typing, and search through all of your contacts and parts lists in the blink of an eye.

Vehicle assessor systems should allow you to enter your inspection data – quickly. It’s one of their primary goals. And VAS won’t disappoint you here.

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