When done regularly and competently, daily pre-use inspections of commercial vehicles may lead to numerous bottom-line profits.

  1. Cars in need of precautionary maintenance can get it before the problems – which are expensive to fix – arise or damage the vehicle. Maintenance and equipment costs are deduced.

  2. The company’s overall vehicle downtime rate is diminished as the cars receive the preventative maintenance they require.

  3. Optimal operating conditions lead to less gas usage. Problems that could increase fuel consumption are identified.

  4. Verification of the vehicles’ operating conditions on everyday basis can extend their lives.

  5. The issues are verified early before the vehicle can be accidentally damaged while driving.

  6. Vehicle breakdowns en route to customers are prevented. On-time shipment rate isn’t negatively affected.

  7. Insurance costs don’t rise as drivers don’t operate vehicles that are dangerous.

  8. Negative impact of lost worktime is reduced. The company doesn’t suffer the costs of recruiting, hiring, training and loss of productivity.