VAS is a cloud based system. This means you can be confident your data is always accessible when you need it and tasks like data back ups are handled automatically

What are the benefits of hosting your reporting solution in the cloud?


Hosting your Auto Assessor Solution in the cloud means that you don't have to worry about the hardware that it runs on.

We take care of all your backups and maintain the system so that's it's always available when you need it

Remote Access

All you need to start using the system is an up to date browser.

Login from anywhere whether it's in the office or on the scene.

We have options for allowing you to the enter your inspection data even if you're offline - then as soon as your connection is up and running synchronise and send your reports!

What if I'm in a remote location with no internet?

You can still use the mobile app in offline mode

What if my office internet connection goes down?

We offer integration with DropBox so your reports are always automatically synchronised to any of your local machines, laptops and mobile devices you choose. This covers you in the case you're unable to access the VAS system for what ever reason.