The VAS job form is designed specifically for the auto assessor industry. Offering many field types that are tailored for quickly inputting the types data found in vehicle inspection reports.

How does VAS speed up data entry?

By designing special fields in the data entry form for allowing the vehicle assessor to quickly enter the types of data found vehicle inspection reports. 

Splat Field

The splat field is what allows you to place, move, remove and rotate different symbols on to an image of a car, truck, motorbike etc. - we can add an image of any vehicle type you need.

The field allows the assessor or inspector to create an image with crosses, circles and arrows to indicate the type and direction of impact on a vehicle.

When you generate your Engineer's report the image is embedded giving the reader a clear understanding of the condition of the vehicle and giving your report a professional look.

Dynamic Field

The dynamic field's purpose is to render lists as tables, intelligently adjusting the number of columns so that space on the report is used efficiently.

A common problem when creating reports is that a list (for example a component/action list) can vary in size - sometimes greatly. So the problem is that unused space can be left in the report and extra pages are needed because the list is just getting longer and longer.

This field handles the sizing of the table automatically so that if your list grows large, the table/report will automatically resize and flow to accommodate the data, minimising white space and unnecessary page breaks on the report.

Look up Field

One of the primary goals of the auto assessor system is to allow you to enter your inspection data quickly.

The auto assessor system makes use of cutting edge browser technology to make your text lookup lightning fast. There's no waiting for spinners or lists to load, just start typing and search through all of your contacts and parts lists in the blink of an eye.