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Vehicle Assessor System
A solution designed for vehicle assessors
Speed & Flexibility
Capture only the data you need, generate reports exactly how you want.
Time to Automate and Integrate
Import from popular estimate tools, send reports in PDF or Word - all at the click of a button
I used to use Word for my reports, now I have a system that works exactly the way I need it. Reports automatically show or hide the bits I want and I've got layouts designed for certain customers. Simply the best
Carlisle C Bruce
C Bruce Assessors
VAS has helped our business efficiently manage the workload of several engineers across the country. There's no way we could do this amount of work without such a great system
Tony Dunphy
Auto Integrity
VAS has given me more time to focus on inspections because the reporting process is so easy. Since I migrated to VAS a few months ago, I've taken on new staff and my reports look exactly the way I want.
Daniel Buller
Mannorwood Assessors

What is VAS?

An innovative solution for vehicle inspectors and damage assessors
VAS significantly improves the operating performance and accuracy of vehicle assessors by optimising the vehicle inspection and reporting workflow. VAS turns the traditional approach on its head by separating the process of entering data from creating a report document. Data capture can be customised for all vehicle inspection needs, the fields that appear, the order and position they appear in, the defaults that are selected, VAS can be configured for any set of data capture requirements.

How does it work?

By combining all the functions required to successfully inspect, report and communicate into a single application accessible via desktop, tablet or phone
VAS is a web application that offers all of the features required to facilitate vehicle assessor workflow. Whether you're inspecting vehicles for insurance, solicitors, fleet management, pre purchase or post repair, VAS can help you and your team inspect, report and communicate like never before.




Receive instructions from your customers via phone, email, website (using our website widget) or our API to acccept XML or JSON.

If you receive an XML file from your customer by email you can simply drag and drop to get the process started.

The website widget can be configured to capture any details that you need, allowing the job to be setup and ready for processing by you or your engineers.

The API methods allows high integration with your customers so jobs can be created automatically and status reported to them.

In all cases your admins and engineers can get notified when new jobs are created allowing you to move forward quickly and efficiently.


VAS can be used to support one, two or a whole team of vehicle assessors.

Using the team manager feature means your managers and admins can easily assign jobs to assessors taking into account who is busy and who is nearby.

VAS can be used on any modern mobile or tablet, so using the GPS locations of your team's devices you can have a real-time view to see where your engineers are in the field.


The VAS data capture forms are 100% tailored for your business.

Tell us what fields you want, what order they should appear in, the defaults, quick lookups, short cuts... anything you need.

The primary goal of VAS is to allow the vehicle assessor to record inspection data as quickly as possible, error free, first time, every time.

No need for hand written notes, no more voice recordings, just load up the interface and fill in the fields.

The VAS form allows you to capture data, take photos, keep private notes and import repair estimates from popular tools such as Glassmatix and Audatex.

As soon as you're happy you've recorded the vehicle inspection data, save and share with your team right from the location.


VAS can produce any report layout and as many different layouts as you need. They can change dynamically based what's entered including which customer you select.

Happy with your current inspection report layouts?

No problem, we'll automate them

Need the report to change for a particular customer?

No problem, we'll configure the rules

Need other reports for pre-purchase, post-repair inspections? Any others?

No problem, just tell us what you need

Need to be able just to send a letter with your standard business header?

We've got you covered

VAS allows you and your vehicle assessor team to quickly get the report back to the customer and move onto the next job.

Generate and send PDFs with a click of a button.

You can decide if you want to include the images, the fee note, all options are possible when you use VAS.


VAS can be used to produce your invoice or fee notes in any currency and these can be optionally appended within the same PDF file as your report or sent separately.

Invoices can be generated per job or as batch runs if you need to prepare statements for your customers.

You can define rules to determine the price for your jobs, per customer, per report type and many other options.

VAS can be configured to send a copy of the invoice to your accountant and you can also export to external accounting software.

System Features

VAS vehicle inspection reports can be designed to match your existing layouts with the addition of the special logic that will ensure your reports only show what's relevant and retaining a professional look for your business.
Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity
Increase your productivity and inspection report quality by reducing manual effort. Also benefit from reduced training effort due to the intuitive design.
Multi User
Multi User
VAS is designed to also help businesses with multiple vehicle inspectors and engineers who may also be supported by admin staff.
Fast Data Capture
Fast Data Capture
The VAS job form is designed specifically for the auto assessor industry. Offering many field types that are tailored for quickly inputting the types data found in vehicle inspection reports.
Gantry 5 has a comprehensive library of written and video documentation to assist in its setup, use and customization, as well as associated template guides.
In the Cloud
In the Cloud
VAS is a cloud based system. This means you can be confident your data is always accessible when you need it and tasks like data back ups are handled automatically
VAS offers integration with other systems offering benefits in one simple solution. Features such as vehicle lookups or importing from GlassMatix or Audatex.
Quality Support
Quality Support
When you sign up you'll have a direct line to a dedicated support rep who will be familiar with your business and system configuration.

Why should you use VAS?


Don't waste any more hours editing documents by hand when you should be inspecting the next vehicle or simply enjoying your life. Once you have captured the data you need, you can pass the job on to your admin or even send the report right from the location. Let VAS help you get your reports to your customer faster and with more accuracy in just a few clicks.


VAS is hosted on world class AWS infrastructure. We ensure your systems are online 99.999% of the time and we take care of backups. No need to worry about loosing your reports to equipment failure or natural disaster. Access to your full reporting history and attachments is always just a few clicks away.


We know many engineers have spent years developing their own report layouts and we respect that. If you want us to copy your layout and style that's no problem. Having a professional looking and well designed report is the mark of serious vehicle assessor.... but now you don't have eat up your time hand crafting them, VAS is here to help.


We offer rapid response support during business hours as standard and have options for increased out-of-hours if you need it. You'll never be alone. Behind VAS is a dedicated and passionate team with experience and knowledge who really understand the problems faced by vehicles assessors, and we're here to help you whenever you need it.