01 Aug 2019

When purchasing a used vehicle its inspection is one of the most ignored pieces of advice. The future owners are oftentimes too busy. It happens because the logistics of an inspection is a lot to figure out. In any case a used car inspection shouldn’t be underestimated.

25 Jul 2019

People opt to buy electric cars essentially because of carbon footprint reduction. We are becoming more conscious of the impact we have on the environment, and eco-friendly vehicles offer an attractive alternative. Are there other advantages of going green? What are the cons of these vehicles?

18 Jul 2019

Buying a car might be exciting. At the same time, getting rid of your current one can be stressful. Before entering into any negotiations over the price, it’s important to know the true value of the vehicle. The most important step here is determining your vehicle’s condition.

11 Jul 2019

When done regularly and competently, daily pre-use inspections of commercial vehicles may lead to numerous bottom-line profits.

04 Jul 2019

Driver-freeish shuttles will get more inspections and spot checks.

27 Jun 2019

Get to know the types of fields which will take your work to the next level.

20 Jun 2019

Dispel the cloud of suspicion - get to know 5 reasons why VAS and the Cloud are a good duo.

13 Jun 2019

With its step-by-step reporting process, VAS will give you more time on your hands to focus on inspections.

06 Jun 2019

Technology might provide a solution for workflow process automation, and thus eliminate most of the required human intervention. Let’s check its unquestionable benefits.

30 May 2019

Find out why VAS integration with other systems drives real benefits.

23 May 2019

VAS can help businesses with multiple vehicle inspectors and engineers who may also be supported by admin staff. How does it work?

16 May 2019

Get to know what VAS – the solution for vehicle assessors – and its special features can do with your precious time.

09 May 2019

VAS is not only flexible and intuitive. It keeps your data secure, and provides a dedicated support. It wouldn’t be possible without our skilled professionals.

02 May 2019

Discover the system that operates exactly the way you would imagine. There’s no need to get used to new report layout or change the way you do your work.

25 Apr 2019

Did you know VAS can help your business more effectively manage a team of engineers?

18 Apr 2019

Did you know that VAS can help you to keep your reports consistent by saving you from having to retype the same information time and time again.

11 Apr 2019

Did you know that VAS can save you time by automatically resizing and cropping your images.

04 Apr 2019

Did you know VAS can help you to grow your business by automating the process of report creation.