Discover the system that operates exactly the way you would imagine. There’s no need to get used to new report layout or change the way you do your work.

If, until now, you’ve been using programmes like Word for your reports, the change will be immense as VAS works exactly the way you need it. Get to know its vast personalization features.


VAS vehicle assessor system will spare you the hours spent on editing documents by hand. Your reports can be designed to match your existing layouts. What’s more, special logic might be added to ensure the reports will show only what’s relevant. Get the reports that will automatically show or hide the bits you want and the layouts designed for certain cutomers. Don’t worry about retaining a professional look for your business.

Take it anywhere you go

Simply send us your existing report. Our team of experts will transfer it into our system. This way, you can keep the report you’ve been working on your desktop or any mobile device, and take it with you anywhere you go.

Same job, different reports

You can produce different reports for the same job. If you have submitted your job to the system, a report might be generated, and it’s as easy as picking from a drop-down menu. All fields are automatically populated with the job data. If you need to hide a section – e.g. third party details – it can be programmed into your report.

No limits

There’s no limit on how many times you can create a report. Do it as many times you need! You can also email your reports to a contact within the system, attaching as many reports to a single email as you wish. With a proper configuration, the reports can automatically pick the recipient email address from the job data. Email your report to any email address.

Still thinking about it? Any questions? We’d love to help – contact us.